Brewers Dictionary Project

Series of illustrations using Haynes manual graphic language to portray four out of eight subjects of sexual union in the second book of Kamasutra. These include:
The kiss. When one person turns up the other's face by holding the head and chin, and then kisses him/her, it is termed a turned kiss.
The bite. When biting is done by both the teeth and the lips, it is known as the coral and the jewel, the lip - the coral, the teeth - the jewel.
Pressing and nail marks. A mark resembling the imprint of a peacock's foot is made round the nipple by placing the thumb below and the fingers above, and then squeezing gently and firmly.
The embrace. When a woman clings to a man like a creeper twines around a tree, pulls his head down to hers to kiss him, and looks lovingly at him, this embrace is called twining of a creeper.